Creating the Gynoid

Posted: December 8, 2011 in model, prop, robot
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(Print available at Unethical Productions)
The Gynoid was the first part of this world I envisioned. Inspired by the opening sequences of ‘Hardware’ and ‘Battle angel’. I knew this would be the story of a salvaged fembot, found in the wasteland, and repaired.

I knew she had to have a sense of beauty, of sex appeal, but not seem quite human.I looked all around at reference, at Japanese Ball-joint dolls, like super Dollfie and handmade ones, I looked to surrealist Hans Bellmer, to anime style and 80s horror, fashion and fetish. I even trolled through the forums of RealDoll owners, looking to the way they store and even fabricate their own versions.

South of Market, Apr 7, 2009

I began her construction with a PVC armature. Planned out all the joints with 90 degree angles and i strung it together with elastic string like tent poles. This gave me a rigid body but was still able to hinge via the rotation along the angle joints.

South of Market, Apr 20, 2009

Then I blocked it out; attached pink insulation foam blocks to the armature.

Van Ness, May 31, 2009

I applied cans of ‘Great stuff’ spray foam to fill gaps. I really love this stuff, its tricky and drippy, but once you get the hang of it it can be like 3D spraypaint.

Carved the blocks and spray foam once it cured;
Novato, May 30, 2009

repeated that process until the shape felt close;
South of Market, Jun 15, 2009

I’d also shape the foam by hand a bit as it cured by layering it with foil to prevent it from sticking to my skin. I also considered making her body chrome.

South of Market, Jun 1, 2009

South of Market, Jun 15, 2009

The last stage was using a high density two part liquid foam to fill any remaining gaps and get a really uniform surface.

South of Market, Jun 15, 2009

South of Market, Jun 18, 2009

I chopped up some Furby eye mechanisms and rigged them together
Twin Peaks, Jun 22, 2009

Cut the eyes out of the foam
Twin Peaks, Jun 22, 2009

Twin Peaks, Jun 19, 2009

Twin Peaks, Jun 19, 2009

I created a geared mechanism from lego parts to move the jaw.
Twin Peaks, Jun 22, 2009

I was able to find a pair of wooden artist model hands, which found their way to her at this point.
The next step was to cover over the body with fiberglass, an extremely difficult and time consuming process.
South of Market, Jun 25, 2009

Each part had to be wrapped individually with woven fiberglass cloth, and sealed with resin.
Twin Peaks, Jun 25, 2009

once the parts had been sealed there were the occasional wrinkle, it was too hard to get the cloth completely smooth,
Twin Peaks, Jun 29, 2009

I spent a lot of time sanding the parts smooth again
South of Market, Jun 29, 2009

Until she fit back together
Twin Peaks, Jul 2, 2009

She needed some mechanical detailing, so I added tubing, some brass fittings and the top of a can to be her feul tank
Twin Peaks, Jul 8, 2009

It was tricky but I found a proper wig for her and started dressing her up in real clothing;
Uploaded - 7\129-34

Some black wash of paint, to ‘dirty her up.’ Using thin ink/acryllic like this seeps into the texture and cracks to give her the old porcylin texture I was looking for.;
Uploaded - 8\259-1



Gynoid WIP gallery on Flickr

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  2. Heidi says:

    What kind of finish/material is the face made of? You said foam, what kind of foam head? Did you cover it with something? It doesn’t look like the fiberglass texture. I love the look.

    • Thank you! The head started as a haircut practice mannequin head, which I removed the rubber face from and scalped. The head was filled with a foam core which is what I used for the Gynoid. Something like these

      I was worried about it getting too thick and obscuring the detail, then not fitting inside the rubber mannequin face again, so I skipped the fiberglass and just painted a coat over the whole head with a shell of the same resin I used for the body’s fiberglass. I think I used about three thick-ish coats, starting with an opaque mix of resin with white pigment and cabosil (to thicken it) then a slightly milkier coat, and lastly a thin clear coat. I really like the depth the multiple coats give it and the texture/slight transparency. For the cracked and weathered look I pressed into the resin after it had dried, compressing the foam, and chipping/cracking the shell, and gave it a wash of thin black paint to seep into the recesses, before applying the final clear coat.

      The foam itself is a bit softer and more fine-grained than the denser stuff I used for the body, and if I were to do it over I might do it differently, and fabricate something stronger.


  3. […] wasteland of the Uncanny Valley, discovers a singularity within a unique fembot. He believes this Gynoid with it’s evolving AI to be the key to changing the world. Drab Future is a sci-fi […]

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