Posted: June 29, 2012 in costume, Team, Uncategorized

More work on the Witness suitAfter being born in the wilds of the last frontier of Alaska Kyle Willmore lived on a steady diet of fantasy and sci fi to help bring him into the world of art. Having a profound influence from Jim Henson he set forth on his travels. He learned all the wrong things in school as some have told him, but he always felt it was right.

Learning to make an excellent campfire he began collecting stories from all over the world knowing that the best place by the fire is always held for the storytellers.

He eventually went off to a warm and subtropical hellscape to pursue a training in a career for computer animation. It didn’t take as well as he had hoped. Forsaking the newfangled machine boxes that had caused this dilemma at his alma mater, the Savannah College of Art and Design, he eventually found those instructors willing to mold his skills in the arcane arts of stop motion animation and puppetry/animatronics.


Learning how to harness the power of rod puppetry, cable controlled puppets, the principles of bunraku puppetry, and radio control puppetry. Like a mad scientist that gets too attached to his creations, he looks at the monsters and machines he creates as his children and will defend them from all the square jawed heroes that come to attempt their destruction. Placing his hands in many projects he met up with the Drab Future team while running from an angry ape and noticing a sexy robotic woman beckoning him as if all his training had been leading him to this.



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