Karyn Jeanne Alley; Make up artist

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


There are things in this world that should be left unspoken of.
Hailing straight out of mossy spider-webbed choked bogs of San
Francisco, cloaked in the darkest tombs of Midian; Karyn Jeanne
imagination is a frightful, disturbing, lucid nightmare into
boiler rooms in which no one can wake from. She’s a “makeup artist”;
if that’s what you want to call her. Others simple know her as a
cadaver wielding, bloodletting, midnight cemetery sorceress.

Karyn first dreamed of being a makeup artist around the age of five.
She would sneak into her mother’s makeup and “play”, using makeup to
transform herself into different characters she would see on TV and in
magazines. Her curiosity really peaked when she started watching
horror and monster movies and became interested in how the
creatures were created.

She began as a self-taught makeup artist
working on independent films, then maturing into both a beauty and
special effects makeup artist after finishing a makeup school for
salon, film, and television. She has worked on a wide variety of
projects including corporate photo-shoots, a Nike commercial, blood
and gore for the History Channel, a music video for an up and coming
band Death Valley High, and even a live Google Halloween event. Karyn
aspires to one day be able to hold a candle to such influential makeup
artists as Rob Bottin, Dick Smith, and Rick Baker.


The things this woman can create with her hands, subjects more than
“God” like qualities. Be fair-warned the awesome power of your
ultimate demise when in Karyn Jeanne’s makeup chair. Odds are, you’ll
want therapy after a mirrors gaze at your own unrecognizable


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