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Much of Drab future will take place on board the KRAWLR, so I knew I’d need a good interior set, so early on I started transforming my studio into it.

I looked a lot at the genre and some of the amazing production design work done and gathered reference/inspiration, as well as submarines, space ships, inspiration “set” blog

I even went on a field trip to see one of the last WW2 battleships, the USS Iowa

I knew a few things I needed a few scenes; workshop, OP room, hallway, control room… and I had to find a way to work in a limited space, part by part, and using any thing I had on hand.

The first step was to start moving unrelated items away and create the walls I had, I knew I needed textured panels and a basecoat, so after a trip to the hardware store I added peg board panels and started covering everything with a dark grey. I figured this would work well for shining a light through to create a sense of depth.


Slowly it spread to the whole room…


As the KRAWLR is a scrap collector, It makes sense that the whole thing would contain bins of parts, so I gathered a rack of milk crates and enough robot parts to fill them, along with many of my sculpting supplies and materials


The peg board also gives me a good way of storing props 🙂


I found a bunch of sheets of plastic grid from a remodeling office building, which provided a good texture for the ceiling, after I hit it with a bit of paint for weathering.


And this hanging lamp was donated by my friend Webster Colcord who’s wife worked for a lighting company

I extended some supports to add ceiling panels across the room, and hung sump tubing.

I mounted a partly disassembled fan into some packing foam on the ceiling for a vent. The best part it, it still works!

I was looking around for past material, gathering up the background material to help flesh out this world and I came across this from when I had first decided to work on ‘a robot movie’. Haha, so long ago, its really spiraled into something more…

Jul 31, 2008

Gynoid – A Robot project

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I’m not sure why I’m doing this here, and its likely I’ll delete this blog but I need to write it somewhere, its about time I spat them all into one place, so here goes.

I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head for well over a year now about a movie project involving robots. I want to make it as per usual with the smallest possible crew, alone if it were possible. Realistically I’m sure I will need help, and feedback is always essential to growth in a project like this.

The film is tenatively called “Gynoid” and will center around a future setting where a man crafts a female robot as his companion.

At this stage I’m still brainstorming, finding my inspiration, and trying to figure out what I am capable of.

Some films and such which have been getting me started,

  • Cherry 2000
  • Battle Angel
  • Chris Cunningham’s Bjork video
  • Hans Bellmer’s doll
  • Sorayama’s chrome and Gynoid work
  • Dolls from Ghost in the shell
  • Maria from Metropolis
  • modern japanese fembots
  • Real dolls and “my doll of sorrowful love(?)”

I suppose the first thing to do will be teaching myself more electronics, and animatronics, so I can have functional props and better know what capabilities are available…