Drab Future Zerofriends

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


Zerofriends in Oakland, this Saturday! I’ll be unveiling a large portion of the work from Drab Future and giving a sneak peek at the web series.


I’ve put together an installation featuring some of the life-sized robot sculptures and animatronic characters from Drab Future such as the Witness, who has been streaming live footage of my preparation for this show over the last two months. So you can come by and meet the robots, get to know them in person and even take your picture with them.

We’ll also have an extended look at the pilot episode of Drab Future, as well as character portrait prints, props, dolls, and hand-made resin toys. All of this work feeds into the world of Drab Future, and any profits from the sale of this work will feed back into the post production of the web series.

I’ve created an toy for each of the seven main characters. These are single part cast resin figures from kit-bashed and sculpted prototypes, each hand-casy and gaurenteed to be unique and full of personality and imperfections. I have produced three variations of them; Full color, single color, and raw resin, for toy-customizers, all of which will be available at the show. I’ve made this an edition of five so far, but will be producing more after these sell out.

IMG_7563This is also your opportunity to see an armory’s worth of prop sci-fi guns, some screen-used in Drab Future and many more that are totally new sci-fi blasters. These heavily modded Nerf dart launchers show ages of influence from iconic futuristic weapons from all over, from the plasma rifle to the ZF-1 and M41a Pulse rifle.


There is also a set of brand new blank Gynoid Ball-joint dolls as well as some customized ones, most recently displayed in the “Great Doll Harvest” at Dollirium in Canada. These hand-made cast resin BJD dolls are fully articulated and posable via a wire skeleton running through their body.


Hope to see you there!

Drab Future Toys Gallery

Drab Future Armory gallery

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