Still detailing and working on presentation, but the housemind fits back in his #shadowbox #art #sculpture #gears via Instagram

Still detailing and working on presentation, but the housemind fits back in his #shadowbox #art #sculpture #gears via Instagram

Reorganizing the stage, but realizing #cambot makes it hard to sit at the computer. Tetris continues. #fengshui #stopmotion #motioncontrol #drabfuture #art via Instagram

Drab Future toy production

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I’m proud to announce that the new Drab future toys are available through the Zerofriends web store and I can’t wait to see what everyone does with theirs.
A detailed breakdown of the process of long road, from prototypes to molds/casting/assembly and painting can be seen over on

UntitledLetting the second batch of resin toys cure #drabfutureUntitledCast two of each toy as well as parts for 2 gynoid dolls #drabfuture

via Drab Future toy production.

Drab Future Toys

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I’m proud to announce that the new Drab future toys are available through the Zerofriends web store!


I’ve decided to make three of each version available. This will include the full color hand-painted versions as well as single color and unpainted raw castings for you to customize yourselves.









Order now!

Drab Future Zerofriends

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Zerofriends in Oakland, this Saturday! I’ll be unveiling a large portion of the work from Drab Future and giving a sneak peek at the web series.


I’ve put together an installation featuring some of the life-sized robot sculptures and animatronic characters from Drab Future such as the Witness, who has been streaming live footage of my preparation for this show over the last two months. So you can come by and meet the robots, get to know them in person and even take your picture with them.

We’ll also have an extended look at the pilot episode of Drab Future, as well as character portrait prints, props, dolls, and hand-made resin toys. All of this work feeds into the world of Drab Future, and any profits from the sale of this work will feed back into the post production of the web series.

I’ve created an toy for each of the seven main characters. These are single part cast resin figures from kit-bashed and sculpted prototypes, each hand-casy and gaurenteed to be unique and full of personality and imperfections. I have produced three variations of them; Full color, single color, and raw resin, for toy-customizers, all of which will be available at the show. I’ve made this an edition of five so far, but will be producing more after these sell out.

IMG_7563This is also your opportunity to see an armory’s worth of prop sci-fi guns, some screen-used in Drab Future and many more that are totally new sci-fi blasters. These heavily modded Nerf dart launchers show ages of influence from iconic futuristic weapons from all over, from the plasma rifle to the ZF-1 and M41a Pulse rifle.


There is also a set of brand new blank Gynoid Ball-joint dolls as well as some customized ones, most recently displayed in the “Great Doll Harvest” at Dollirium in Canada. These hand-made cast resin BJD dolls are fully articulated and posable via a wire skeleton running through their body.


Hope to see you there!

Drab Future Toys Gallery

Drab Future Armory gallery

Drab Future update

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Its been nearly a year since I posted this first teaser trailer for my Drab Future series, and since then

I’m excited to say with the last pick-up shoot this weekend! I’ve been working hard to make the sets, models, costumes, props, shoot, and edit and completely put together the full pilot episode. I’m still deep in it and have been putting in 4-5 hours a night on weeknights, and 12 a night the weekends. I should have the new trailer ready for a special screening for my solo art show at Zero Friends in Oakland, the first Friday of June at Art Murmur.

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Continued from; Von Neuman Moderator Animatronic Robot (pt1)
Progress on the Von Neuman Moderators has been progressing very well. I brought all the parts to my 2nd secret lab workshop in Oakland, where we can spread it out for the construction.

Kyle has been a great help with the build. Progress is slow but we have a constant dialog/sounding board going. I’m still planning on using the Wowee Elvis as unmodified as possible, however the neck is going to require a bit of reworking. We are currently using what we call the “konami code” whenever we start him up. Basically the Elvis brain requires us to trip the neck’s limit switches in it’s ‘boot up’ sequence, otherwise it shuts itself down.

I started adding a bit of paint and closing up the body panels, cosmetic changes but it adds to the character and helps it fit in with Drab Future. I still want to make it more autonomous and programmable, but its exciting to see it take shape and move on it’s own, and I think he will look great in the first episode…

In Drab Future, The Von Neuman Moderators are the eyes and hands of the network. These agents exist to gather information and track resources, in order to expand the network and build more of them selves. While I could see that the power armored version could be a costume, I realized this character wouldn’t be able to be a person in a suit. Once the armor has been stripped away we need to be able to see their inhumanity.

Its long been a dream of mine to have a real, working, robot. I know a working autonomous bVon Neuman Moderator Animatronic Robot pt1iped with an AI is far out of my depth, but I want one that can be programmed to act in movies, run my booth at conventions, talk to people and hand out flyers. Even something like the animatronic band at Chuck E Cheese.

I have begun these videos as a behind the scenes for some of the construction. As usual I’m relying on as many found and prefab parts as I can to achieve the mechanical production look and move as quickly through the construction as I can. I’ve started with the Wowee toys Elvis Alive, which I was lucky enough to find on Ebay when a warehouse was liquidating their stock. For the body I’m starting with a posable mannequin which is similar in design to the wooden artist pose figures. This was given to me by a friend who was working in an art supply store. It had some minor damage and the store was cleaning out their storage and intended to throw it away. Truly a lucky score, I’ve never seen any others before or since. I’ve often thought about making molds from it to replicate more of them.

I’ve been planning on using the Wowee toys Elvis somewhat unmodified, at least electronically, because its really a great system. It uses a cartridge that contains songs and animation files. There is even a group of very clever folks doing some very cool hacks using them. I figured if I could avoid any major changes I wouldn’t need to teach myself arduino and robotic programming (yet) and follow along with this;

I even attempted to recruit someone to help me etch a custom circuit board part to make my own cartridge, unfortunately it never panned out. Basically this part is a xD media adapter to custom cartridge, which allows this ‘toy’ robot to play back animation files and mp3s.

This thread has a lot of detail about it, as well as included a diagram of the board I’d need to create;

Continued in part 2…

The gynoid tries on the Witness mask #drabfuture

The Witness

All along I’ve been trying to make as much of The Witness wearable as possible. Parts such as the helmet/cowl and vest are removable from the puppet, as well as the leg pads.

More work on the Witness suit

That way for wide or long shots he could move around with a bit more agility without having to resort to stop motion or other puppetry for every shot he was in.

Witness mask #drabfuture

Since the head of the puppet is cast aluminum and too small to be wearable I was forced to create a secondary mask for the actor to wear.


As the character and story evolved the costume version of the character took shape and evolved. I envisioned the witness as having different ‘modes’ and modular limbs, so he would be able to change form as needed. From his wheeled interior-workshop mode, to extended legs


and finally his fully extended exterior form integrating inspiration from sources such as the land striders from Dark Crystal and the Wheelers from Return to Oz.




I tried on The Witness costume in full last night at my workshop in Zero Friend’s warehouse in Oakland with the help of Kyle and Leslie. I’ve been working on the elements for this form separately for a while now, but it was exciting to see them all on at once.

Witness costume #drabfuture

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